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Flat-Rate Divorces

If you have an uncontested divorce, i.e. you and your soon-to-be ex have already agreed on the financial arrangements, child custody and other matters, a "flat-rate" divorce from the Blacha Law Office can be a cost-effective way of ending your marriage.

With a flat-rate divorce, you know exactly how much your divorce will cost -- which takes a lot of the stress out of the entire process. Among other benefits, you can call or email our staff as often as you like without incurring additional fees. It's really a win-win situation for both of you.

The amount of a flat-rate divorce varies depending on the complexity of your situation but all of them include two-rounds of edits, in case there is minor tweaking of the documents to be done. If more than two edits are required, a per-hour rate applies. However, even if that occurs, a flat-rate divorce is still usually the most economical option.

Flat-rate divorces are still rare among family law attorneys but our office feels strongly that people going through this stressful experience should be spared as much pain as possible -- and that includes financial stress and the anxiety of not knowing how much total divorce costs will be.

Call the Blacha Law Office today to ask about this sensible alternative to a traditional, hour-rate divorce.