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There Is More To A Will Than You Might Suspect

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Few people would want someone else to decide who should receive their property when they die. Yet this is exactly what can happen if you should die without a will.

I am attorney Monika Blacha. I draft wills and other estate planning documents for clients in Naperville and the surrounding areas. I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your estate planning needs.

If you die without a will or trust in Illinois, your assets will be distributed according to our state's law of intestate succession. As a result, your assets may not go to the people you would have wanted to have them.

By drafting a will, you can determine who should receive your assets and when they should receive them. Your will can also name a person whom you trust to serve as the administrator of your estate. If you have minor children, your will can name the person you and your spouse would want to serve as their guardian if you and your spouse should both die before your children reach age 18.

No two families have the same assets or the same members. When creating a will, it is important to consult with a lawyer who will take the time to get to you. A cookie-cutter estate plan that does not consider your unique situation can lead to unintended consequences. In some cases, your needs may be better served by a trust than a will.

For more than 15 years, I have provided personal, attentive service to help families protect their assets and their beneficiaries. I also guide administrators of wills through the probate process.

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