Your Family and future

Month: February 2020

Expect to face some losses in a divorce

Divorce is a time of rebirth for individuals, and part of this is handling the losses that come with major growth like this. It surprises some people to know that they are going to feel a sense of loss when their marriage ends. Even if you're the one who ended the...

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Why Americans over 50 are getting divorced

After 20 years of marriage, individuals may start to reconsider whether they want to remain with their partners. At this point, they may begin to realize that they are emotionally disconnected from their spouses. Research has shown that the divorce rate for...

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The main reasons women file for divorce

Though divorce is often portrayed as an older woman being left by her husband for a younger woman, in over 70% of cases, it is the woman initiating the divorce. Women in Illinois have many reasons for bringing an end to a marriage, but their reasons usually fall into...

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Figuring out SSA benefit amounts after divorce

As Illinois residents near retirement, they might be concerned with how to pay bills during this period of their lives. For divorced residents, this might be an even more pressing concern. Figuring out what their social security benefit amount will be is important in...

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