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March 2020 Archives

Survey finds finances to be one main cause of divorce

There are many reasons why a couple chooses to separate. But there are some common elements that can cause rifts between married couples and Illinois couples who decide to divorce are no exception. Research has shown that finances seem to be one of the major things that can wreak havoc in a relationship and socioeconomic status also plays a role in whether a couple remains together or drifts apart.

Helping a child to see divorce in a more acceptable way

Most children are like little sponges -- they soak up whatever emotions are around them and they are also very in tune to what their parents are feeling. As such, children in Illinois whose parents' are going through a divorce may be influenced about how they see the divorce by the way their parents act in general and toward each other. In fact, parents can actually influence their children about how they view the divorce and what roles they believe they play.

Life insurance and divorce

The end of a marriage can be stressful for many estranged Illinois couples. Some of the issues that they have to confront when they are attempting to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement include alimony and child support, but they often fail to take into account one important factor, and that is procuring a life insurance policy on the party that will be required to make those payments.

Getting older doesn't mean you've escaped divorce

Divorces didn't used to be as common as they are today. They might have been seen as a failure or as something that signals that someone did something wrong. Today, people realize that a divorce might happen just because two people grow apart. It might be necessary because they no longer get along or just because they choose to live on their own.

How treatment of a spouse can affect the divorce outcome

The process of a divorce can leave Illinois residents very angry at their estranged spoused, but it is best to try to avoid expressing it, even if the spouse provokes it. It might feel satisfying in the short run to snap at a spouse or even to confront them at work or on social media, but over the long run, this may backfire.

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