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April 2020 Archives

Who gets to keep the furry family member in a divorce?

When a relationship goes sideways, there are things couples need to sort out. Divorce brings with it some hard decisions regarding child custody, child support, alimony and the division of assets. But there is something else Illinois residents need to consider -- who gets to keep the furry, feathered or scaly family member? Some experts are even suggesting couples have pup nups -- akin to a prenup, only focusing on the family pet.

Family law: Virtual visitation for grandparents

Virtual visitation has become a thing for noncustodial parents. But how does that bode for Illinois grandparents who aren't close to their grandchildren distance-wise? This type of visitation -- also known in family law as e-visitation, electronic visitation or visual visitation -- can work well for grandparents who want to maintain relationships with the grandchildren. In fact, grandparents can seek this type of visitation in court. 

Teachers can help kids whose parents are going through divorce

Teachers have a lot of influence on their students and might be able to help them more than they know. Children in Illinois whose parents are going through a divorce may have a difficult time with their new family dynamic. Teachers spend a lot of time with these children and may be able to assist them by providing encouragement or by being open to listen to what's going on in their lives. 

Keeping it civil during divorce is likely to your advantage

When the honeymoon is long over and the marriage has gone south, couples may not have the kindest words to say to each other or about each other. However, Illinois couples headed for divorce may not be doing themselves any favors when they treat each other badly, especially during settlement talks. Being hostile or making disparaging remarks can actually be a detriment during the divorce process.

Business owners face unique challenges during divorce

Couples who choose to divorce all face some difficult decisions, no matter what their circumstances. However, most couples do not include business owners, who may face some conflicts that others never need to consider. When a business owner gets divorced, the business may experience significant impact, and the owner must take this into consideration as they build their divorce strategy.

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