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May 2020 Archives

Getting together a strong divorce team helps the process

Couples who decide their marriages are over really should consider enlisting the help of some experts who might be able to help them through some challenging times. When each spouse in an Illinois couple has a solid divorce team on his or her side it may mean the difference between having a seamless divorce and one that is exasperating. Having legal and financial advice when going through a divorce is crucial.

Child custody: Kids need support as issues ironed out

There is no doubt that divorce has an impact on children. When Illinois couples make the decision to divorce, one of the issues on the table is child custody. With such a drastic change to their lives, children whose parents are divorcing might not only have a lot to say about their living situations, but they could be going through a whole range of emotions -- everything from anger and frustration to sadness and anxiety.

Helping children deal with the reality of divorce

Telling children that their parents will no longer be together has to be one of the most difficult things a separating couple must do. There is no easy way to break divorce news to children, although Illinois couples might be interested to know that there are indeed ways to ease the stress divorce might play in their children's lives. When parents focus their attention on their children and making sure they are physically and emotionally well, the life changes divorce causes may be minimal.

Gaining custody as an unmarried parent in Illinois

When going through a separation, many things will be simpler because you are unmarried. For example, as an unmarried couple, you'll likely avoid going through the courts when you divide assets. However, other things can become more complicated. Namely, child custody could become more difficult if you have never been married to the other parent.

Child custody and what is best for the children

What about the children? Who will have child custody and where will the children live? These are often important questions that Illinois parents must consider when they decide to divorce. Parents want what is best for their children. Unfortunately, what is best in one situation is not what is best in all situations.

Family law: Could a prenuptial agreement be right for you?

Couples in love usually end up wanting to share everything and if marriage is in the cards, that usually means the sharing of assets as well. Illinois family law has some tools in place for those individuals who don't foresee issues in their marriages, but who want to be prepared, just in case. That's where a prenuptial agreement comes in.

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