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June 2020 Archives

Tips for balancing child custody arrangements with a demanding work life

As you navigate the divorce path, every issue you come across will have its challenges. No issue will weigh quite so heavily as those relating to your child. And when it comes time for the court to determine child custody arrangements, it is not uncommon for parents who labor long hours to feel like they have a disadvantage in obtaining significant parenting time.

What options does a non-working spouse have during a divorce?

It is still a common practice for high-asset families to sometimes have one spouse stay home or only work part-time as a way to provide domestic services for the household. Although commonly associated with the work of child care and child-rearing, a stay-at-home spouse can also be someone whose primary function includes cleaning, cooking or improving the home in which a couple lives without children.

Some things to keep in mind that may make divorce more tolerable

All married couples believe in happily ever after. Sometimes, the burdens of life can get in the way and some Illinois couples find themselves on the other side of the fence and talking about divorce. It's never a piece of cake when a marriage comes to an end, but there are some things to keep in mind to make the divorce process less anxiety-ridden.

Safeguarding a business against the effects of divorce

When a marriage ends, many lives are affected in many ways. Divorce can also have an impact on Illinois residents who co-own or own businesses. There are several ways divorce can affect a business, so putting some protections in place as a precaution -- perhaps at the beginning of a marriage -- may minimize the impact divorce could have on an entrepreneurial level.

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