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Estate Administration/Probate Archives

3 wills filed on behalf of Aretha Franklin's estate

Some Illinois fans of singer Aretha Franklin may have heard that when she died in 2018, she did not have a will. However, on May 20, three wills that were found in her home were filed in court. Franklin's longtime attorney has asked the court to rule on their validity.

Contesting a will

Many people living in Illinois understand the importance of writing a will as part of their estate plan. However, there are situations in which the legitimacy of a will is questioned by parties that might be entitled to benefit from somebody's estate. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible to go to court to contest the document.

Lawsuit filed against Tom Petty's widow

Music fans in Illinois and across the country enjoyed the music of Tom Petty while he was alive. However, he is in the news after his death because of alleged impropriety by his widow. According to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County court, she engaged in a breach of her fiduciary duty along with several other named and unnamed parties. Specifically, she reportedly failed to fund an LLC called Petty Unlimited as directed in his will.

Legal fight may be ahead over John Singleton's estate

Film buffs in Illinois may have heard about filmmaker John Singleton's recent sudden death from a stroke at the age of 51. Reports suggest that there might be litigation associated with his estate. Singleton's will is purportedly from 1993. At that time, he had only one child. When he died on April 17, he had seven children.

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