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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Family law: Could a prenuptial agreement be right for you?

Couples in love usually end up wanting to share everything and if marriage is in the cards, that usually means the sharing of assets as well. Illinois family law has some tools in place for those individuals who don't foresee issues in their marriages, but who want to be prepared, just in case. That's where a prenuptial agreement comes in.

Family law: Virtual visitation for grandparents

Virtual visitation has become a thing for noncustodial parents. But how does that bode for Illinois grandparents who aren't close to their grandchildren distance-wise? This type of visitation -- also known in family law as e-visitation, electronic visitation or visual visitation -- can work well for grandparents who want to maintain relationships with the grandchildren. In fact, grandparents can seek this type of visitation in court. 

Art collections at stake in high-asset divorce

When people in Illinois decide to divorce, it can lead to significant financial changes, especially when both spouses are wealthy or own valuable assets. Two divorces among art collectors, with each couple holding hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable artworks, have shined a spotlight on property division when high-value collectibles are involved. Asset division can be complex even when the assets being addressed are primarily investments or retirement funds; both parties want to protect their property and secure their financial future. However, the potential for dispute over these issues may escalate when unique items like art are at stake as both parties may want to retain ownership of particularly desirable pieces.

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