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Child custody: Kids need support as issues ironed out

There is no doubt that divorce has an impact on children. When Illinois couples make the decision to divorce, one of the issues on the table is child custody. With such a drastic change to their lives, children whose parents are divorcing might not only have a lot to say about their living situations, but they could be going through a whole range of emotions -- everything from anger and frustration to sadness and anxiety.

Child custody and what is best for the children

What about the children? Who will have child custody and where will the children live? These are often important questions that Illinois parents must consider when they decide to divorce. Parents want what is best for their children. Unfortunately, what is best in one situation is not what is best in all situations.

The best strategies available for co-parents

Going through a divorce in Illinois can be painful, no matter if the couple spent just a few years or decades together. While dealing with the emotional pain associated with divorce, parents also need to make good decisions for their children and help them cope with the pain they are experiencing because of the end of the marriage. The following strategies can help co-parents adjust to their new circumstances.

Last year's calendar might help in divorce court

As January begins, many people in Illinois throw away their old calendars without a second thought. If a person is involved in a child custody case, however, last year's calendar can be a key piece of evidence that shouldn't be discarded. Calendars contain evidence of a child's schedule, which may include vacations, sports trips, appointments and birthday parties.

How fathers can address bias in custody situations

Some Illinois fathers may be concerned that they will be at a disadvantage in a divorce when it comes to child custody. In the past, in a divorce, mothers nearly always got custody. It was assumed that the father was primarily responsible for earning money and that the mother would stay home and care for the children. Courts assumed that the mother would be the best caregiver if the parents separated.

Making the best of co-parenting with a toxic ex-spouse

Many Illinois couples who have gone through a divorce are now co-parenting. Some people are dealing with an ex-spouse who is a narcissist or a toxic person. In order to successfully co-parent with a difficult ex-spouse, a person will have to put their children first and maintain their own personal integrity.

Successful parenting when there's an ex and a new spouse

For some Illinois parents, raising a child after a divorce comes with challenges because the family dynamics after divorce affect everyone involved. Additionally, co-parenting a child together after divorce requires effort and consideration on the part of both biological parents. Adding a step-parent to this equation often brings up even more things that the adults must work through in order to raise the child in a healthy, stable environment.

Setting up a visitation schedule that works for everybody

The arrangements that follow divorce can be contentious and stressful to negotiate, but it does not have to be that way. If both parents commit to being mature, flexible and compassionate, creating a visitation schedule that works for everybody is entirely possible. According to the Washington Post, children who have parents who share custody fare far better than those who are raised by a single parent. It is worth it to make the arrangements work, and you can get a head start on the goal by taking the following tips into consideration.

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