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5 tips for handling social media during divorce

When you are facing a divorce, you often struggle with a wide array of emotions. One day you are relieved. The next you are sad. And sometimes, you’re angry, worried and frustrated. You may want to use social media to vent once in a while. However, that’s really not in your best interests.

What challenges come with a high-asset divorce?

Divorce is complicated, especially if you and your spouse have significant assets. You may own a home, a vacation property, vehicles, multiple investment accounts, company stock options, high-value collectibles and more. You or your spouse may be a realtor or successful salesperson, who regularly benefits from receiving a commission. Or you could be an executive who receives bonuses based on your company’s performance.


How can domestic violence allegations affect divorce?

Divorce can be a stressful, emotional event. And certain factors make it even more challenging. Such can be the case if you are divorcing someone with a violent or abusive past.

Under these circumstances, it can be helpful to know how these allegations can affect the process and outcome of a divorce, and how you can protect yourself and your family.

Three ways your attitude could make your divorce more expensive

Most people who get married never expect to face divorce. The time surrounding your divorce can be very emotional if you never anticipated your marriage ending this way. This is perfectly understandable.

However, it can be problematic if your emotions negatively affect your attitude toward the divorce process. This is because your attitude can inadvertently cause the divorce process to get more expensive, and it can even impact some divorce outcomes. If you are facing divorce, it can be helpful to understand and avoid the common outlooks that can drive up the cost of your divorce.

How does parental conflict during divorce affect kids?

Many divorcing parents share concern about the effects their divorce could have on their children. Some parents are so afraid that their divorce would cause their children harm that they end up staying in an unhappy marriage.

While divorce can harm children initially, most kids recover well in about two years. Additionally, studies have shown that the effect divorce has on a child may at least partially depend on the amount of parental conflict the child witnesses.

How do spouses hide assets in divorce?

During divorce, all of a couple’s assets and debts must be fairly divided. Unfortunately, some spouses decide that they want to prevent certain assets from being fairly divided. They may try to accomplish this by hiding certain assets.

Hiding assets is dishonest and illegal. Although it is not a problem in all divorces, it does happen. Fortunately, there are ways the other spouse and his or her divorce team can shed light on the truth.

How might an order of protection help?

Many people do not realize that abuse is not limited to physical violence. Abuse can also include threats of physical violence, preventing someone from leaving, stalking someone, harassing someone, denying a disabled person the care they need, preventing a parent from seeing their child, forcing someone to watch abuse and other actions.

If domestic abuse is occurring in your home, you may be exploring your options to protect yourself and your children. One of your options may include seeking an order of protection.

What are the responsibilities of the executor of an estate?

Being named the executor of someone’s estate can be a huge honor. It can mean that your loved one trusted you enough to have you be the person to handle their final affairs.

However, serving as an executor can also be a huge undertaking. As the executor, you are responsible for a variety of duties that must be completed in a timely fashion without errors.

Tips for balancing child custody arrangements with a demanding work life

As you navigate the divorce path, every issue you come across will have its challenges. No issue will weigh quite so heavily as those relating to your child. And when it comes time for the court to determine child custody arrangements, it is not uncommon for parents who labor long hours to feel like they have a disadvantage in obtaining significant parenting time.

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