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What Our Clients Say

Truly Compassionate

I hired Monika’s office because after I consulted with many attorneys, I found that she was the only one that seemed to really care about my case. After I retained her office, I was not disappointed. Monika did an excellent job in Court for me, even though my ex and I were in a bitter custody dispute — I felt like Monika was there for me every step of the way, both in and out of court. Sometimes, I just needed an ear, and she and her staff were always there to lend it. And in the end, we were able to prevail and now I can be a parent to my children for the same amount of time as my ex. I truly believe that without Monika by my side, I would not have been able to be where I am at. Thank you Monika and everyone on your team!


Great, Caring Team Of Tough Lawyers

Monika and her team have handled an incredibly complicated custody case for my family. They are experts who listen to their clients and will always keep you updated. And they are large enough to cover unexpected runs to court.

The best thing is to see their written and trial presentations. They cover all the bases powerfully and as efficiently as possible.

I fully recommend Monika and her growing team.


Highly Recommend

I hired Monika for a post-decree issue regarding maintenance from my ex. She went above and beyond my expectations. Not only was she always there to answer all of my questions and concerns, she made sure I understood the process every step of the way. Monika truly cares about her clients and goes out of her way to accommodate their busy schedules. I am truly grateful I had Monika as my attorney. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!


Great Service

Mrs. Blacha was helping us with will and estate documents. She really made the whole process easy and smooth. We highly recommend her!


Outstanding Professional Services

I have used Mrs. Blacha’s services for our estate planning. Mrs. Blacha was very professional and very knowledgeable in this area. Through her expertise and guidance, the process was completed smoothly and in a timely fashion. Thank you Mrs. Blacha for patience!

Excellent Lawyers

Ms. Blacha helped make sure that my husband paid his child support and alimony after our divorce. She always made me feel comfortable and was very good about answering questions and making sure I knew what was going on at all times. We won exactly what we had wanted but most importantly I felt like every penny I spent on Ms. Blacha was worth it. Highly recommend this lawyer.


I Highly Recommend Monika’s Service

I really had no idea what to expect when I filed for divorce, but I had heard all kinds of horror stories about how long it was going to take, and how much it was going to cost, and how ugly it was going to be. When I hired Monika, I did so based on my gut feeling that she really cared about my case and would fight for me. Not only did this turn out to be true, the whole process did not seem as bad as I had heard it was from others. I found Monika to be a fantastic advocate for me at all times while in court, and I was always able to reach out to her and would hear back almost right away. I was really impressed with her abilities to be my lawyer, but also someone I trusted talking to at the same time. Overall, I felt like she made the process as smooth and tolerable as I could have hoped for.

Divorce Client

Would Definitely Recommend

Monika went above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend her services. My divorce was clean, cut and dry thanks to her. Even when she was busy she took the time to answer my questions in a timely manner. If I get divorced again, I know who I am hiring.