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Is Illinois a no-fault divorce state?

Popular entertainment would have everyone believe that divorce is the end result of numerous devastating events. From infidelity and drug use to criminal activity and domestic violence, books, movies and television programs generally center on these dramatic elements...

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Grounds for divorce in Illinois

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act has undergone major changes in recent years. Couples who divorced before 2016 faced very different requirements than couples do today. Is Illinois an at-fault or no-fault divorce state? Illinois is now a no-fault...

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Debt division in an Illinois divorce

Dividing property and assets acquired during a marriage is a common sore spot in divorce proceedings. Trying to figure out who gets the house, how savings will be split, and the way a joint business will be run can get a little hairy. It's no wonder why discussions on...

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Property distribution in Illinois

When people get married, they often want their marriage to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, some marriages end in divorce after the social aspects have irretrievably broken down. The most difficult and disputable part of divorce is splitting property between the...

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Domestic violence in Naperville

Domestic violence or abuse refers to violent or abusive acts committed by one spouse against another. This can occur either in physical harm or through power and control behaviors. According to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICDAV), each year, more...

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