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Divorce or bankruptcy: Which do you file first?

It’s devastating to realize that your marriage is over – but it can be equally devastating to realize that your finances have somehow gotten into a real mess over the last few years. (Indeed, your financial issues may be part of the reason for the divorce, especially...

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Ways to combat domestic violence

Domestic violence occurs when one partner in a relationship abuses another partner. The relationship could be between married or unmarried persons, intimate partners, parents of a child in common and children. The most common types of domestic violence acts include...

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The basics of a gray divorce

Divorce can be an emotionally draining and financially taxing situation. Even seemingly simple marriage dissolutions can end up being drawn-out legal battles. When the spouses are older or have been married for many years, their legal separation is commonly referred...

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Understanding custody interference

Unfortunately, children are sometimes used as pawns if their parents' relationship has ended on bad terms. It's not uncommon for parents to stall on agreeing to a parenting plan because they're unhappy with their romantic relationship's demise. Situations like these...

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Divorce and accusations of abuse

A divorce is often a devastating event in someone's life, where relationships end on a bitter note. This scenario is especially true when there are accusations of abuse and one of the spouses receives a restraining order against the other. Illinois allows for a...

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Divorce asset complications in Illinois

When going through a divorce, a common complication is how to split the marital property. Couples may argue about properties, gifts received, and even the family pet. Some assets, particularly those of higher value, create serious conflict in a divorce settlement....

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