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Setting up a visitation schedule that works for everybody

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Divorce |

The arrangements that follow divorce can be contentious and stressful to negotiate, but it does not have to be that way. If both parents commit to being mature, flexible and compassionate, creating a visitation schedule that works for everybody is entirely possible. According to the Washington Post, children who have parents who share custody fare far better than those who are raised by a single parent. It is worth it to make the arrangements work, and you can get a head start on the goal by taking the following tips into consideration.

Utilize innovative technology

Arranging visitation schedules is easier than ever with the emergence of apps that can put tools right in your pocket. Many of them integrate a calendar, a messaging platform, expense logs and several other functionalities. Employing an app like this can reduce the frustration that often accompanies negotiating scheduling conflicts. Rather than putting the pressure on your child to be a messenger, you can take care of everything through an app.

Be prepared to be flexible

Perhaps the most important element of sharing custody is that both parties commit to being flexible. If you are primarily concerned with securing a schedule that is most convenient for you, you will likely need to reevaluate your approach. Your ex has a life with a job and other responsibilities, too, so doing everything you can to find compromises is the best bet for achieving a satisfactory visitation agreement.

Prioritize your child

Above all else, you should focus on prioritizing your child. Kids should never suffer because their parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding visitation. Consider what is best for your child before you make any decisions, and avoid sacrificing activities such as extracurriculars, sports and time spent with friends to make your schedule work.

Consider alternative options

There are many exes who find that the typical visitation arrangement simply does not work for them. Alternatives, such as nesting, have become increasingly popular. In this situation, parents rotate between a shared home to afford their child the most stability. If you find that visitation is not the best approach for your family, consider what other approaches to custody might be ideal for your child.

These are just a few of the things you should consider when trying to make visitation scheduling work. If you are interested in learning about more legal options, contacting an attorney can help you learn more about the possibilities as you figure out your best move.