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Could social media affect your divorce?

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Divorce |

Money might be the number one reason that couples divorce, but social media also contributes to many breakups. Social media activity can also impact your divorce proceedings, especially in situations where the finances are complex and there is a lot of animosity. 

If you are going through a divorce, you might want to consider how social media could affect your negotiations. 

Online activity can help provide evidence of hidden assets 

Social media posts can help you show that someone is living large. You might find a picture of your spouse traveling around the world when he or she says he or she cannot pay child support. You might also find your spouse’s profile on dating sites to see what he or she is saying about his or herself. You can use this evidence to discredit financial documents presented to the court. 

You can use electronic messages as evidence 

Anything shared through email, message apps or text, no matter how vague, might be able to show a discrepancy between what a person is saying in court and how he or she is actually living. You might be able to show that the person is partying when he or she is supposed to have the children or that your spouse just got a big raise. 

Remember, this is a two-way street 

Social media can be a valuable asset in a high-conflict divorce, but it can also be used against either party. A good rule to follow is “do not share anything on social media or electronically that you would not want heard in court.” Anything on the internet is forever memorialized. 

A divorce is a big decision which will lead to many changes in your family. There are many complex aspects of a divorce that affect the outcome and your future. You might consider speaking to an experienced divorce attorney to protect your rights and find guidance on getting through the process with minimal regret.