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Getting a green card as the child of a diplomat

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Immigration |

Those who are born in Illinois or any other state to a foreign diplomat may be entitled to receive a green card. A diplomat can be an ambassador, counselor or any other individual who has diplomatic status with the United Nations. Furthermore, children of diplomats must have resided in the United States since birth and maintained that residence prior to applying for their green card. Those who ask for permanent residency in the United States must give up their diplomatic immunity.

They must also renounce any other privileges granted to them as the child of a diplomat. Applicants must file Form I-485 to have their status in the United States adjusted. In addition to the form, an individual must provide two photos, a birth certificate and a government-issued photo ID. He or she must also provide evidence of continuous residence in the United States.

Furthermore, an applicant must show evidence that a parent qualifies as a diplomat. This generally means listing a parent’s exact title at the time an applicant was born. The government will also need to see a list of all arrivals and departures from the United States as well as court documents if an individual has been charged with a crime. Generally speaking, Form I-485 doesn’t grant a person the right to travel or work in the country.

While there may be benefits to getting a green card, it may also mean giving up certain rights or privileges as well. Therefore, individuals who are thinking about obtaining permanent residency might want to discuss that decision with an attorney first. An attorney may explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of becoming a permanent United States resident. Legal counsel might also help a client gather evidence and fill out forms needed to complete the application process.