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Some personality types make divorce more likely

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Divorce |

There are many reasons why people in Illinois may decide to divorce, but scientists point to certain personality types as more commonly linked to the end of a marriage. If people do not take care to curb problematic behaviors and interactions, they may run into serious relationship problems down the line. Divorce lawyers interact with many couples who have decided to end their relationships, and they note that there are certain common factors they often encounter. One of the most common traits linked to divorce is the tendency to catastrophize or excessively exaggerate relatively small matters into major crises.

More serious concerns like anxiety and depression may be linked to catastrophizing. People prone to this kind of behavior may threaten divorce or even seek to file after fights over minor incidents, such as coming home late from work or forgetting to cook a dinner. In some cases, the catastrophizing spouse may regret the decision and take back the divorce threat or even a filing, but the damage may already be done. People lose their trust and security in the relationship over time, deeply damaging the marriage bond.

In other cases, excessive caregiving can also be a serious problem. When one partner gives to the other but does not receive support, it can set up an unbalanced relationship that prevents equality from developing. Both partners may feel more distant from each other rather than more loved and protected. In addition, while excessive conflict can be a serious problem, conflict avoidance can also spell trouble. It is important to handle disagreements rather than sweeping them under the rug.

When people decide that their marriage is over, they may seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer may work with a divorcing spouse to negotiate a fair agreement on property division and child custody if applicable.