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Tips for handling contentious child custody situations

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2020 | Child Custody |

Child custody cases are often contentious because both parents want to have their own way. This can make it challenging to come up with mutually agreeable terms for the parenting plan. When parents are going through a challenging divorce, they need to make sure that they are putting the children first.

There are several things that can happen when determining how to set up the custody arrangements. Thinking about these ahead of time might benefit you because you will be mentally prepared to handle situations that come up.

Use caution on social media

You must be careful when you post on social media. You also need to ask friends and family members to do the same. Certain things might make it look like you aren’t as good of a parent as you really are. For example, many adults consume alcohol and they can parent just fine, but your ex might use a picture of you drinking at a party to show that you aren’t fit.

Practice respectful communication

Your communication with your ex must be respectful. Name-calling and similar actions can put a damper on this. Remember that you can take a step away from the situation if things start to get heated. It is better to calm down and come back with a level head to address issues that creep up.

Avoid asking children to spy

You might want to ask your children questions about what goes on when they are with your ex. This isn’t a good idea unless you are trying to help them to understand that you want them to have fun at both homes. You should also avoid asking them to relay messages to your ex since they might not need to be privy to the information that’s being passed.

Encourage positive relationships

Just because you are divorced doesn’t mean that you should try to keep your children away from that side of the family. Instead, encourage your children to have positive relationships with them. This can include allowing them to call those individuals. However, it also means that you aren’t saying negative things about them.

Make sure that the terms of the child custody arrangement are covered in the parenting plan. You must follow the terms precisely. If you ever note that they aren’t serving your child’s best interests any longer, you have the option of seeking a modification of the parenting plan.