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Expect to face some losses in a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Divorce |

Divorce is a time of rebirth for individuals, and part of this is handling the losses that come with major growth like this. It surprises some people to know that they are going to feel a sense of loss when their marriage ends. Even if you’re the one who ended the marriage, you’re still likely going to deal with this.

You might be tempted to push these feelings off, but it is always best to address them so that you can truly move forward. Knowing some of the things you might feel a sense of loss over may help you to come up with a tentative plan for dealing with them.

Loss of partnership: You won’t have your partner at home to share your successes and struggles of each day. Instead, you’ll have to find a support system for this. It might be difficult, and you’ll likely realize that things just aren’t the same now.

Loss of parenting time: You and your ex will have to share the children, which means you won’t get as much time with them as you did when you were married. You’ll have to focus on spending quality time with your kids instead of worrying about the amount of time you have with them. This helps you to build a meaningful relationship with them even though you don’t see them as often.

Loss of traditions: Some of the traditions you enjoyed when you were married might end. Now is the time that you can find new traditions to look forward to. You may be able to adjust some from the marriage so that they fit in with your new lifestyle. Remember, these don’t have to be elaborate. Something as simple as starting off the first visit of the month with an ice cream date might be fun.

Loss of friends and loved ones: Divorces sometimes make people think they need to choose sides. While this isn’t the case, you should prepare for some people with whom you’ve formed relationships to choose your ex’s side. Trying to rebuild other relationships and find new ones may help you.

You may also lose your financial stability, but how you work out the property division process may help with this. Carefully consider how every decision you make can impact your new life. This might help you to make choices that are best in the long run.