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Child custody: Kids need support as issues ironed out

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Child Custody |

There is no doubt that divorce has an impact on children. When Illinois couples make the decision to divorce, one of the issues on the table is child custody. With such a drastic change to their lives, children whose parents are divorcing might not only have a lot to say about their living situations, but they could be going through a whole range of emotions — everything from anger and frustration to sadness and anxiety.

Teens seem to be especially susceptible to the stress divorce can cause. Studies have shown that teens have more physically and emotionally healthy when they’re living with both parents. But many children do much better after a divorce situation, more so when they were living in a climate of high conflict. Staying in a difficult situation isn’t good for anyone involved, including children.

What children need during the time their parents are ironing custody terms is reassurance. They want to know that both parents will be involved in their lives as they try to navigate a new family dynamic. Children do better when their parents put their best interests first.

Many issues revolving around child custody may be unclear. When there are questions regarding the legalities of these issues, a lawyer may be able to offer clarity. Divorce may actually be the best answer for children in some situations. Although they don’t like change, most children in Illinois adjust very quickly, especially when their parents work with independent professionals to come to an amicable divorce settlement in which custody issues have been sorted.