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Tips for balancing child custody arrangements with a demanding work life

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Child Custody |

As you navigate the divorce path, every issue you come across will have its challenges. No issue will weigh quite so heavily as those relating to your child. And when it comes time for the court to determine child custody arrangements, it is not uncommon for parents who labor long hours to feel like they have a disadvantage in obtaining significant parenting time.

While it may be true that the court will look at each parent’s everyday availability to contribute to the child’s upbringing, there are ways to increase your chances at ensuring quality time with your child despite your demanding work life. Consider the following tips as you and your attorney fight for your parental rights:

  • Remember to prioritize your child’s needs: If you are not focused on what is best for your child, how do you expect to adhere to their needs? Be honest with yourself about the ways you can and cannot provide for them.
  • Be realistic about the time you can offer as a parent: Take care not to overstep and ask for more allotted parenting time than you can realistically provide. Does your work require you to travel? How often are you asked to work overtime?
  • Establish your plans now: Between requesting time off from work and making childcare arrangements, you may need to revise your schedule in order to fit in the parenting time you hope to obtain. Also, be sure that your supervisor is aware of which days you may have your child so they know what to expect from your schedule.
  • Be a team player: Another way to put your child first is by making a point to get along with the judge and your ex-spouse. Like you, they will probably have only the child’s best interest in mind during this stage of the divorce.

Amid the demands of divorce proceedings, it may seem like there is little more of yourself that you can give. But putting in some extra effort to establish plans and expectations prior to making child custody arrangements could do wonders for the balance between your future work life and parenting time.