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Experienced Legal Counsel On Child Support Issues

Whether you are entitled to receive child support or you have an obligation to pay support, those payments can be a significant part of your monthly budget. As your lawyer, I will ensure those payments are calculated fairly.

At the Blacha Law Office, we help parents in Naperville, Joliet and the surrounding areas establish child support orders. We also handle issues such as enforcement and modification of existing orders.

Do I Need A Lawyer’s Help To Determine Child Support?

In some cases, child support is a fairly straightforward calculation under the Illinois statutory guidelines. In other cases, it is not. For example, one of the factors in determining support payments is income. If a spouse owns a business or is self-employed, you may need help to ensure that income is reported accurately.

While statutory guidelines provide a formula for calculating child support, there are times when you can depart from the guidelines due to special circumstances. An example would be if your child has special needs. We understand when the guidelines apply and when they may not.

Whatever your circumstances, we will work hard to protect your budget and the interests of your children.

Contact Naperville & Joliet Child Support Attorney Monika Blacha Today

To schedule a free consultation to discuss support payments, call 630-283-1987 or email the firm. We have offices conveniently located in DuPage, Will, Cook, Kane and Kendall counties. We are fluent in Polish.