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The Legal Guidance You Need For Paternity Issues

Unmarried parents who break up with their partners can face the same child custody and support issues as married parents who divorce. At Blacha Law Office, we protect the rights of both married and unmarried parents.

We represent parents in Naperville, Joliet and the surrounding counties who are seeking child support from the child’s other parent. We also represent parents who are seeking visitation rights.

Representing Unmarried Mothers

In Illinois, your children have a right to be supported by both parents. Your first step in obtaining support is to establish paternity of your child. If the father does not acknowledge paternity, we can guide you through the legal steps to establish paternity and obtain a child support order.

Representing Putative Fathers

Many paternity actions are initiated by fathers who want to remain involved in their children’s lives following the breakup of an unmarried relationship. If your ex-girlfriend has cut off visits/parenting time with your children, we can help you protect your rights as a father and obtain a regular visitation schedule. The first step is to establish that you are the children’s father through a paternity action.

In addition to crafting a parenting plan, we handle issues such as child support and modifications to support and visitation orders.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

To schedule a free consultation to discuss child custody and visitation, call 630-283-1987 or email the firm. We have offices conveniently located in Naperville and Joliet, and we serve clients in DuPage, Will, Cook, Kane and Kendall counties. We are also fluent in Polish.