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What Is A Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is a special style of trust that allows people to ensure that their children with disabilities get the care they need as adults. As parents get older, their children may need assistance that they can no longer provide. Setting up a special needs trust can help with that.

At Blacha Law Office, LLC, our attorneys offer caring, compassionate service to families facing extremely hard choices. We know how much you worry about the future, and you may have many questions you need answered. We’ll be there to help you. But to get started, here are the questions we often get about special needs trusts in Illinois.

What Can A Special Needs Trust Pay For?

A special needs trust can pay for nearly anything a person could want. For example, a special needs trust can pay for many amenities, including:

  • Entertainment
  • Vacations
  • Transportation
  • Home cleaning services
  • Pets
  • Additional medical care

However, there are limits to what an Illinois special needs trust will cover. That said, you can ensure a high quality of life for your child with a special needs trust.

Can A Special Needs Trust Pay Rent?

Housing costs and food are two of the exceptions to special needs trusts. The presumed reason is that a person with disabilities may receive Social Security Income (SSI). SSI would include money specifically for housing and food.

What Happens To Special Needs Trusts Upon Death?

Without a specific instruction in the trust, it will expire upon the beneficiary’s death. Any assets of funding left over from the life of the trust at that point would go to the beneficiary’s heirs either through the probate process or via instructions left in the beneficiary’s will.

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