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Understanding Your Options With Post-Decree Modifications

Life goes on after divorce, inevitably presenting twists and turns that affect people both personally and financially. A wide range of events — from job loss to a major promotion or advancement, significant changes in children’s needs and parents’ abilities to meet them and more — justify petitions for post-decree modifications in the years after divorce.

Orders for child support and spousal maintenance are always modifiable if an unavoidable, substantial change in circumstances occurs. Various changes in parents’ and children’s living circumstances also may make it important to quickly and effectively seek a change in custody or visitation orders. For prompt attention to your specific situation and clear legal guidance, please contact the Blacha Law Office.

Prompt, Efficient Legal Action · Representation In Intensely Contested Cases

Applying a deep, strong background in complex litigation and family law mediation, our lawyers are prepared to advise you on all aspects of any post-decree modification matter. This includes defending against modifications you believe are not justified as well as taking decisive action to seek a modification on your behalf. Our knowledge and capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Child support and maintenance modifications, whether the adjustment sought is a reduction of required payments or an increase
  • Child custody/allocation and visitation/parenting time modifications, often made necessary due to one parent’s return to work, new schedule, remarriage or serious problems in either parent’s home environment
  • Complex issues associated with a proposed parental relocation, suspected domestic violence or substance abuse, or other concerns about parental access
  • Pursuit of paternity claims on behalf of unmarried parents, child support enforcement and a full range of other Illinois family law matters outside of or after divorce

Coping With Major Financial Changes?

Each client we serve benefits from personal attention every step of the way, beginning with an free consultation. We are well-versed in the procedures involved in seeking modifications. We are consistently responsive and focused on containing costs, as well as achieving favorable results. For the help you need, call 630-283-1987 or reach out to us via email now.