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What Is Juvenile Law?

Juvenile law, as the name implies, is the area of law that deals with the adjudication and rehabilitation of juveniles charged with criminal acts. The juvenile court in Illinois is very different from the adult justice system, and it can be complex. Without trial-tested representation, you may not know what to do next.

At Blacha Law Office, our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience in all areas of the law, including juvenile court. We will work hard to protect your child’s rights and future. We know it can be scary to face difficulties that threaten your life with your child, but we will be there at every step.

A Brief History Of Juvenile Court In Illinois

Since its creation in 1899, the juvenile court has viewed those referred to it as people needing help rather than criminals deserving of punishment. This rehabilitative aspect has made it an appropriate venue for those under 16.

In the modern era, the principle of restorative justice has taken on a new life, allowing even more options for juveniles convicted of crimes. Instead of time in a juvenile detention center, a youth may find themselves doing community-based justice interventions, such as counseling.

Illinois Juvenile Laws

The juvenile law system is different in many ways from the system facing adults. To begin with, it is, at its core, much more rehabilitation-oriented. Terms are different; for example, instead of receiving “verdicts,” juveniles are “adjudicated.” Some of the offenses are different. These cases demand sensitive yet strong legal representation.

How We Can Help Your Child

With our extensive experience and insight into the juvenile justice system in Illinois, we can advocate for your child. We can review the facts of their case and offer them a thoroughly skilled defense.

We understand what is at stake for your child when they face significant charges. We will guard their future with zealousness and an eye to their future.

We Are Ready To Help

Whether your child is about to go to court or is at the sentencing phase, we can assist you in improving the situation. We are skilled, experienced litigators. This is a hard time for you, and we can help. Call our office in Naperville at 630-283-1987 or send us an email to get started.