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Your Staunch Advocate In Divorce

The decision to divorce, whether made mutually or by one spouse, is a pivotal one that will lead to momentous changes in the lives of everyone involved. Many more complex decisions will influence the overall outcome and determine your ability to move on with stability and minimal regret.

A Skilled Advocate And Divorce Mediation Attorney In DuPage County

If you are considering or facing divorce, it is essential to work with a lawyer you can talk to openly and trust for clear, objective guidance. Beginning with a free initial consultation to gain a sense of your situation and concerns, you can depend on me, a certified mediator and experienced divorce attorney located in Naperville, to prioritize your case and strive diligently to achieve your important goals.

Dedicated To Protecting Your Parental Rights And Financial Interests

Having practiced law in Illinois since 1999, I founded this firm to provide the utmost in personal attention and results-focused guidance to people facing family-related legal challenges. I will take the time to get to know you and understand what matters to you, in order to skillfully target the best possible outcomes in matters such as:

  • Child custody, visitation and support — unquestionably the most vital and emotionally impactful concerns for people who are divorcing with minor children
  • Property division, allocation of debts, maintenance (sometimes called alimony) and other financial considerations that can have a profound impact on your life after divorce

My many years of experience in complex litigation and extensive training as a family law mediator will be invaluable assets as we navigate the legal steps necessary to complete your divorce. I am committed to advising each client I serve with objectivity and genuine compassion, striving for amicable and affordable resolution but standing always prepared to litigate aggressively if needed.

Ask about our Flat-Rate Divorces

Flat-Rate Divorces, in situations where both sides have agreed on all the major issues in advance -- what is termed an "uncontested divorce" -- is often a very economical option. Call our office to find out more about this stress-busting alternative.

Get The Clear Answers And Caring Guidance You Need: 800-391-4022

In this traumatic and uncertain time, you may have many questions about relevant laws, immediate steps you should take, your obligations and your legal options. To learn more about my services as a divorce mediator or my approach as a divorce attorney serving Naperville and the entire Chicago area, please contact the Blacha Law Office by telephone or email anytime.